Whole Bodies
for the
Whole Family

I’m Amy Tamos (PT, DPT), and I equip women and children to heal and strengthen through holistic physical therapy, so they can get back to doing what they love.

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what are you looking for?

Find pain relief
and prepare for birth.

Heal, reconnect, and return to doing what you love, safely.​

Ensure your child is on
track and pain-free.
Ditch pads or painful sex. This is a judgement-free zone!

When your body isn't functioning correctly, life feels limited.

Right now, you can’t jump, run, or lift without worrying about pain, leakage, or injury…. and those online exercise guides haven’t helped. But pain and weakness don’t have to be the new normal.

You need an expert who can hear your story, provide hands-on assessment and guidance, and equip you (or your child!) to heal and strengthen your unique body.

At Full Circle, I help people restore their bodies so they can live joyful, unrestricted lives.

I offer physical therapy for adult clients with pelvic health issues, postpartum concerns, pain, and decreased functional abilities. (I had twin girls via C-section, so I’ve been there.)

I also treat children—everything from newborn developmental delays to sport injuries. I can even treat you and your child at the same appointment. 

Kids are always welcome—no babysitting required.

How it works

Then, we meet!

Receive a full in-person evaluation (home or office)

Next, we work.

Begin therapy and exercise schedule with Amy

At last—results!

Recover the joy of movement!

In Person

I offer care at Root and Bloom Chiropractic.

140 Burlington Ave
Clarendon Hills, IL, 60514


Virtual visits are available after an in-person evaluation.

In-home visits are available within a limited radius.

Curious about cost, insurance, or other details? Check out the FAQs.